Mark Banham Sheep Dogs

Mark Banham Sheep Dogs

Working Border Collies in the North Downs of Surrey

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Mark Banham

Banham Sheep Dogs is run from a family farm in the North Downs, where Border Collie sheep dogs are used every day for work with livestock.

Owner of Banham Sheep Dogs, Mark Banham, has been using Border Collies for stock work for over forty years and runs a flock of 500 sheep and a herd of 30 cattle, which he works with his dogs.

I breed and train sheep dogs and have supplied them to farmers and handlers all over the UK and abroad. Trained and part-trained working sheep dogs available to buy are detailed on the for sale page, including pedigree information and a description of the dog's characteristics and suitability.

Dogs which are currently being used for work on the farm, with which I also trial, are on the my dogs page.

I sell puppies to working homes and when available, they are featured on the puppies page.

I have been competing in sheep dog trials since 1986. I have judged trials across Europe and America, as well as in the UK, and give clinics on judging.

In addition to training and selling working dogs, I provide training to handlers on working sheep with their dog.



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