Mark Banham Sheep Dogs

Mark Banham Sheep Dogs

Working Border Collies in the North Downs of Surrey


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calendar icon 7th April 2021

Shabfest 2021

Shabfest 2021 will take place on Thursday 24th June to Sunday 27th June. Covid restrictions allowing and guidelines observed.

Thursday friday and saturday there will be a morning and an afternoon trial, sunday will be a championship for the top 15 pointed dogs.

Depending on number of entries there will be three fields.

Entry form is available on the Shabfest 2021 section.


calendar icon 1st August 2020

Shabfest 2020 Cancelled

Due to the current corona virus uncertainty we have decided to cancel for this year.

We hope to see the trial go ahead in 2021

calendar icon 15th July 2020

Skipton online auction tomorrow

New videos of Bob and Jack in the dogs for sale section 

calendar icon 2nd July 2020

Skipton Online Sheepdog Auction July 2020

Three dogs for sale in the first ever Skipton Online Sheepdog Auction 

Look in the dogs for sale section for lots of information on Jack and Bob and Shabden Dan.

Number 8, 9 and 13 in the Catalogue

Click here for the link to the video for Bob

Click here for the link to the video for Jack

Click here for the link to the video of Shabden Dan



calendar icon 21st March 2020

Shabfest 2020

Due to the latest information regarding travel restrictions being in place through June, it is now clear that the trial cannot go ahead as planned.

At this time I am postponing and not cancelling.