Mark Banham Sheep Dogs

Mark Banham Sheep Dogs

Working Border Collies in the North Downs of Surrey

Shabfest Continental Trial 2021

I'm pleased to announce that Shabfest 2021 WILL be going ahead this year!

  • Thursday June 24th
  • Friday 25th June
  • Saturday 26th June
  • Sunday 27th June (Championship)

There will be two open trials a day with a championship on Sunday 27th for the 15 highest pointed dogs over the 3 days.




Due to the latest information regarding travel restrictions being in place through June, it is now clear that the trial cannot go ahead as planned.


At this time I am postponing and not cancelling.




CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - 16th March 2020 

The latest news is advising everyone to minimise contact with others outside of their immediate family.

Travel restrictions are in place across Europe and many countries have closed their borders.

This is a time of hardship and suffering for many people, especially in Italy, so writing an update on Shabfest seems trivial.

We can only look ahead to better times and getting life back to normal, and it is with this in mind I have decided to not cancel.

In 12 weeks we will hopefully be over the worst and getting back to some kind of normality.

If the situation between now and the 15th June looks worse than predicted then the trial will be cancelled or postponed to a later date.

An email will be sent out shortly to all those that sent off an entry, no entry fees will be taken until it is definite the trial will go ahead.

I hope we will all be together here at Shabden in late June 




June 25th 26th 27th 28th



Shabfest 2020 Field 2.

Click on the link to view field 2.

Shabfest 2020 Field 1.

 Click on the link to view field 1 

Apologies for the poor sound recording



Shabfest 2020 


Entries have now closed. 



Shabden Park Farm is situated on the North Downs in Chipstead Surrey, approximately 1 hour 15 minutes from Dover.

It is said that the village is 16 miles from Marble Arch (centre of London) as the crow flies.

With that in mind it is a surprise to find such a beautiful valley with some large fields surrounded by woodland.


There will be 3 trial fields running simultaneously, 2 of which are on large fields in Shabden valley providing big outruns and  full size drives.

The third field is at the top of the farm, and although it is smaller than the other two it provides a challenge.

All 3 fields are within walking distance from each other and also the central hub.

The sheep will be Mule tegs off the farm.

These are well dogged and behave if treated well, they will run if pressured too hard but will challeng a "stand off" dog.


There will be a morning and an afternoon trial on each field, that's 6 runs per dog.

The last day will be a Championship double gather on the main valley (Field 1) for the top 15 dogs over the 3 days.

90 dogs will compete from all over Europe.

The central hub will be in the farm yard, there will be a marquee with food and drinks available and also a bar.

Next to the yard will be camping.

There are many hotels in the area, most are within 10 minutes drive.

Saturday night there will be a BBQ which is included in the price of entry.


There is a maximum of 2 dogs per handler.

Cost of entry is £120 for the first dog and £100 for the second dog

Please complete the form and an email will be sent confirming registration.

Your place is not guaranteed and will depend on the amount of entries.

Upon acceptance you will receive an email with payment details.

Please note that entry numbers have been cut this year to allow ample time.



Shabfest Continental 2020 will take place from Thursday 25th June until Sunday 28th.

3 days qualifying trials and a championship for the highest placed dogs on the last day.

Handlers and their dogs from across Europe come together to compete on the North Downs of Surrey.

Three different fields giving varied and challenging courses. Sheep are North Country Mule shearlings.

Online entries open on February 1st.

An online registration form will be available soon.



Shabden Continental Open Sheepdog Trial 2019


Shabfest 2019 got a great review in the International Sheepdog News magazine.

Click here to read the article




place   handler name                   dog name                     score   

  1. GUILLOME JOSIEN                 GILL                              85 olf
  2. GUILLOME JOSIEN                 JET                                85 olf
  3. ROSS WATSON                      ACE                               85 olf
  4. JED WATSON                         ZAC                              85                  
  5. KELVIN BROAD             KINLOCH CADE                       83
  6. CAROL MELLIN             MOORLONGE BEN                    82



place   handler name                   dog name                     score 

  1. KEVIN EVANS                    HYBECK BLAKE                    95
  2. NIGEL WATKINS                      ALEX                             93
  3. NIGEL WATKINS                       BEN                             92
  4. LUCA FINI                               BOB                              90
  5. KEVIN EVANS                   PRESEL CI                            89
  6. JOHON BOWEN                    TESS                                        


 The Trials will take place on:

  • Friday 28th June 2019
  • Saturday 29th June 2019
  • Sunday 30th June 2019

Continental style Open trials, running over three fields over three days (six runs per dog). Open to entrants from UK and Europe. Best four scores count to aggregate for championship.

Shabden Park Farm offers some superb courses on large hilly fields, outruns up to 700m on field 1.

Location is approximately 1 hour from Dover ferry terminal and tunnel, with very easy access off the M25

For full information about the event please visit the facebook page.

The map below shows the following:

The 3 trial fields (orange).

The handler (handler) and sheep (Sheep ) spots in each field are marked.

Camping Area (Camping Area)  is marked in purple.

The farm yard is where the catering marquee will be sited

Pleased to Announce the sponsors for the trial are Ulverston Auction Mart PLC and CSJ dog food.

Both companies I use personally and recommend

CSJ Dog food


 Ulverston Auction Mart PLC